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     Hi! My name is Gregory Jauregui and I’ve been striving to capture the cosmos through my telescopes for over 3 years. Finding ways to share the wonders of outer space with those who usually don't have access to a telescope or a dark night sky has been my motivation all along. Recently, during the beginning of the pandemic, I made the decision to dedicate my time to the astrophotography journey. The people I have met and the interactions I have had along the way have reinforced this motivation. Now, after years of dreaming, I have created a project to continue Finding Light in the Dark and share the views with others along the way.


     AstroNerd Photography LLC is a project I am excited to have launched. As I develop it along the way, expect updates on my fine art space collection. My work will include my best high quality moon photos, colorful nebulae and even galaxies holding billions of stars within. Follow my social media for constant updated material including Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


     With that said, please reach out if you have any astronomy questions, suggestions, thoughts or ideas. Also if you're interested in customized prints, please reach out so we can work something out. If you have a favorite family moment or pet photo and want it printed on a coaster, customized prints are also available! (see image below) Lastly, if you have an old blurry or noisy photo and want it cleaned up or if you simply want to say what's up, I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you for visiting! 

Best regards,
Gregory Jauregui
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