Private Stargazing Party

Are you someone who is curious about the cosmos and has a passion for the wonders of the night sky? If so, then I invite you to join me for a: 

Private Stargazing Session

  • Want to celebrate a special occasion under the moonlight?
  • Looking for something tailored to your interests?
  • We provide a personalized and private stargazing experience right from your backyard or location of choice!

With multiple advanced telescopes and cameras at our disposal, experience first-hand the views of an astronomer. From witnessing distant galaxies to exploring the rings of Saturn, our advanced telescopes and multiple cameras ensure that your night under the stars will be unforgettable.

So, whether you are a local from San Diego or a curious tourist visiting our sunny city, the Milky Way Galaxy awaits you! Book your Private Session now and get ready to continue Finding Light In The Dark.

Please fill up the form below if interested in booking a private stargazing session:

  • Location of interest
  • Dates in mind
  • Number of guests
  • What you would like to see (moon only, planets, deep space nebulae and galaxies, etc)

You will receive an email with options and suggestions for the stargazing event based on your requests.

  • $50 deposit (refundable if canceled 48 hours before)
  • $100-$200 for the 1st hour +$50 for any additional hour
  • Example: 3 hours with both telescopes = $300 ($200 1st hr + $50 2nd hr + $50 3rd hr)


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