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Metal Print #5: Polaris: Perfect Imperfection

Metal Print #5: Polaris: Perfect Imperfection

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Gregory U. Jáuregui

Polaris has been used effectively as our current North Star for navigation on Earth for thousands of years. Did you know that our North Star is the star that sits directly above Earth's North Pole? If you stare long enough, the whole sky appears to turn counter-clockwise around this single point. But if you ZOOM into the bright star above the UC San Diego library, you'll notice that our current North Star, aka Polaris, isn't exactly at the center of the star trails/circles. Although it is slightly off-center, it is the brightest and the closest star to the Celestial North Pole. Its imperfection is insignificant to its purpose and I think that's beautiful.

I took 3 trips to the UC San Diego campus during the month of March 2021. On each trip, I practiced for hours how to capture star trails but with a challenging foreground: Geisel Library. I took advantage that the campus was dark, still, and peaceful late at night (only the Talking Tree could be heard singing or reciting a poem in the distance). A perfect night for Finding Light in the Dark.

This composite image was created by capturing 1,005 images in the lapse of 3 hours. Each image exposure was 8 seconds long. Figuring out how to correctly put it all together took multiple attempts over 12 months! I believe the results are worth it and I hope you do so too.


Creating this image requires cutting-edge equipment, advanced software, and unwavering patience. Our passion for astrophotography shines through as we meticulously craft each image. The printing process is the second stage of bringing these breathtaking artworks to life. Utilizing Chromaluxe metal prints—the industry leader in sublimation blanks—we ensure that every detail is preserved, resulting in vibrant, sharp, and visually stunning pieces. With over three years of experience in astrophotography and sublimation printing, our space art metal prints are truly unique collectibles that bear the mark of craftsmanship and dedication.

Measuring 8x10 inches, these flat metal panels make a bold statement in any space.

By supporting your favorite Astronerd, you become part of a community that cherishes unique pieces born from a labor of love. Discover inspiration in finding light even amidst the apparent darkness.

Please note that this metal print is a limited edition, with only 10 prints available in this exclusive design. Once sold out, no more will be printed, making this a truly rare and sought-after collectible. 

Print Size & Details

  • Only 10 Limited Edition prints available.  
  • 8x10 inches
  • Digital Signature of the artist included
  • Includes metal easel (for standing or hanging on walls)
  • Printed on the world's finest ChromaLuxe sublimation metal
  • Images come alive! Unbelievable combination of vibrancy, clarity, and durability
  • Photography was captured, post-processed, and printed by the artist. 
  • Over 3 years of photography and printing experience. 


  • All prints are made to order
  • Please allow 3-7 business days for printing, packaging, and shipping.
  • You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number when shipping is confirmed. 
  • Considering pandemic-related delays might occur, allow for an additional 1-3 weeks of delivery time (but I doubt it will ever take that long).
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